Dub Specialist – Jukari’s Incorporation Of DJ Ciebre

Dub Specialist – Juk’s Incorporation is the newest Dubstep Music Album in the top 100 Dubstep albums. Dub Specialist by DubTurbo, is a new Dubstep Artist from Australia who has teamed up with Jukari and Steve Lawley to create a monster Dubstep album. Dub Specialist by DubTurbo contains three great Dubstep Songs, “Drank” with Skimcase, “Dub City” with Dub Club, and ” Dubinckle” with Dub Skit. This is an absolute must have if you love Dubstep and if you like Jukari and Steve Lawley as artists, this album is for you. The quality of this release is awesome, and the price is right, so listen to it straight away.

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Dub Specialist – Jukari and Steve Lawley continue their long journey together as they bring us Dubstone’s Cut Copy, a very interesting and thought provoking track from DubTurbo. The drums are very melodic and heavy which also adds to the dark and twisted atmosphere of the whole song. I really liked this track and the way that Dub Specialist – Jukari and Steve Lawley mixed it. The bass lines are extremely catchy and at the same time there is a lot going on in the drum sound field as well. Heckmann – Acid Seduction 2

Dubstone’s Cut Copy by Dub Specialist – Jukari and Steve Lawley’s sophomore Dubstone’s Cut Copy is probably my favorite Dubstep song that was not included on the original DubTurbo album, because the song is just amazing! It contains a heavy bass line with some funky hi-tech sounds thrown in as well. There is even a section featuring a guest appearance from Skrillex. Skrillex is a very popular Australian electronic music artist and he appears on the track. The song is supposed to be about drug use and the main theme is about using drugs.

After the intro we jump to what is probably my personal favorite part of the song, the drum looping which is done by Dub Specialist – Jukari and Steve Lawley. This part is also extremely heavy and the beat is extremely hard and fast. The song’s title is based on a Jamaican saying which means “I’m not dumb but tough”. Although it is a little slow and boring, the beat is definitely worth a listen.

Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed this DubTurbo song. It is interesting to hear Dub Specialist’s style of mixing and what he has to say on the tracks. Even though I’m not a huge fan of dubstep, I really enjoyed listening to this track because of the heavy bassline, the nice drum looping and the sample of Skrillex on the title track. In my opinion, I think that this is a fairly decent track and would be enjoyable for anyone who likes dubstep. If you want to get some dubstep from a top DJ, you should definitely check out Jukari’s Incorporation of DJ Ciebre.

All in all, I liked this song. The mix is great and the tempo is steady. Although it isn’t the best song that I’ve heard from Dub Specialist, I will still rank it pretty high thanks to the quality of the album. If you want to download this song for free, you can do so by visiting the website below.

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