What You Need to Know About Hosting VPS and Dedicated Reseller Sites

For a webmaster that is operating more than one virtual private server, the decision to switch from shared hosting or VPS hosting to a reseller hosting account can be quite daunting. There are advantages to both options and downsides. The biggest decision that needs to be made is which type of hosting is the best option for a particular business. It is imperative that businesses review a complete list with national website hosting companies prior to making any decision.

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When considering switching from shared hosting to a reseller hosting plan, a business owner should know exactly what they will be gaining by doing so. Reseller hosting gives the hosting provider, typically a web hosting reseller, more control and access to resources and security. In other words, a reseller hosting account allows the company to rent their physical space, which in turn gives them better control over the site and related activities. The reseller also has the added convenience of allowing the client to manage their server via remote management tools. hospedagem de sites revendas vps e dedicados

Switching from shared hosting to a dedicated reseller site hosting plan can bring an incredible amount of freedom and control to the website owner. The individual hosting account holder is able to create their own virtual private server and customize it however they see fit. They are not tied to any one web hosting provider like the client is when using shared servers. If the hosting company goes under, the individual site’s owner is still in charge of the security, bandwidth and email accounts. However, the client is no longer obligated to host any of their sites unless they want to.

One of the biggest advantages to using reseller sites is that they often provide extremely affordable hosting solutions. This is great for small businesses or personal blogs that do not require an elaborate set up. Some hosting companies will even allow hosting of just one domain name and sub-domain within a single account. The reseller is then given all of the resources from that account including bandwidth and storage. There are even some hosting companies that will offer the option to have unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth and storage!

Reseller hosting is also an ideal choice for people who wish to start a business and do not wish to commit to dedicated server hosting. Many resellers will offer virtual private servers based on any operating system that the client prefers. This is advantageous because it allows the person hosting the sites to make upgrades as they see fit without affecting the website owner’s site. In addition, many of these hosting companies have systems that automatically back up data on a daily basis.

Overall, people who need more control but do not want to spend the money on dedicated hosting should consider purchasing a reseller account. They offer all the benefits of dedicated hosting at a more affordable price. The cost savings will more than pay for themselves in no time at all. Just make sure that you carefully analyze your budget and needs before making any decisions.

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