Four Delivery Services in Douala

If you want to send a package to Douala, you need to use ParcelABC. This provider can make the method of transporting your package a straightforward task. Their couriers work efficiently to minimize the hassle of transporting your shipments. They can provide customized delivery services to generally meet your requirements.


ParcelABC is just a door-to-door delivery service that produces shipping urgent packages a breeze. By using the space available on diverse carriers, the business provides a reliable, affordable service. Using their insured services, customers do not need to concern yourself with the security of these packages during transit. They’re fully protected with standard insurance of EUR25 and additional ParcelABC insurance for a fair fee.

ParcelABC doesn’t charge extra for international shipping. The company also provides a low-cost service for shipments to Douala and Essen. When shipping goods, always choose the possibility that’s most convenient for you. Make sure to be at home for the package when the courier arrives.

Bee Delivery

If you’ll need a delivery in Douala, you attended to the proper place. Bee Delivery is just a service that could pick you up and deliver your package right to your door. The service runs on the GPS system, a mobile application, and a phone centre to monitor the drivers’ performance. The company is owned by Patrick Timani, who studied in Germany and later relocated to Douala. Having been there himself, Timani saw an opportunity and grew the business.

The company’s delivery services in Douala are targeted at local businesses. The service works with the neighborhood government to aid the neighborhood economy. The company launched in Douala in 2018 and has since expanded its offerings. The company has also added a VIP service for clients.

Yango Delivery

Yango Delivery is just a new door-to-door delivery service in Douala that could bring your parcels to your doorstep the same day. Through the Yango app (the same app you utilize to order rides), you are able to request a courier to grab your package. Most deliveries take around an hour. You are able to pay the driver cash if you want, or work with a credit card.

Yango is owned by Russian Internet giant Yandex, which also runs services in the Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, and Zambia. The company uses smart routing and mapping technology to create your delivery as fast and convenient as possible. Yango is popular in Cameroon, where it’s easier and cost-effective than taxis.

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce Douala offers shipping services in a lot more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. In addition it offers merchant support services, rendering it easier for merchants to track and trace their shipments. The company’s global fulfillment network helps businesses of most sizes sell more globally while providing local delivery services.

DHL eCommerce Douala delivery services offer economic shipping alternatives for both international and domestic shipments. It is preferred by many online merchants who ship items that are lightweight and an easy task to package. The company offers three degrees of domestic shipping: Expedited, Standard, and Express. The Expedited service offers the fastest delivery times while also including Shipment Value Protection all the way to 100 USD. DHL eCommerce Douala delivery services are tracked from enough time the package leaves the shipper’s facility until it reaches the recipient’s doorstep.

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