3M Water Filter

Malaysia is a small independent country located in Southeast Asia. It is a petroleum-rich country bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and Gulf of Thailand to the east. As such, the water supply here is highly dependent on the pipelines and hydropower plants which are connected to the electricity grid here. As such, it is imperative that this oil rich country ensures safe drinking water for all its citizens. Additional info found at 3m water filter malaysia distributor.

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3M is a globally recognized and pioneering company which manufactures filter systems for at-home and commercial applications. Its many years of service to the industry have earned it a place as one of the leading distributors of filter systems in the world. Malaysia distributors of 3M filter use their long standing relationship with 3M to push sales of these products all over the country. 3M has also used its distributors to market their filters and sell refurbished filters at subsidized prices. This has led to a proliferation of 3M filter outlets all across the country from where customers can choose from the different models available. This practice has also given rise to a phenomenon which is referred to as “3M madness” whereby an entire neighborhood may be afflicted by the same filter system.

The company has also used its distributors to market replacement cartridges at subsidized rates, thereby further driving up sales. In the process, some of the retailers have resorted to cheating customers by concealing expensive filters within other cheaper brands of filters. The whole purpose behind having 3M filters installed in the household is to ensure clean and healthy water for drinking and cooking purposes. However, some retailers have crossed the line by fooling customers into buying not only filtration systems but also worthless replacement cartridges and other junk.

A common problem which comes up with 3M water filter installations is the “depleting effect” on the mineral content of the water. Since the filtering units are basically made up of simple porous membranes, any form of filtration is rendered ineffective once the filters are removed. A typical distributor also tries to sell consumers on the idea that since these are sold as part of a set, together with other filters such as kitchen faucets, it is advisable to purchase a few of them to make sure that all contaminants are removed.

To make matters worse, this method works on the basis of consumer ignorance. Customers often think that with more filters, there would be more benefits to be derived. This is partly true but the reverse is also true. With more surfaces for water filtration, the more chances of the contaminants to be particulate coated. On top of that, the actual size of the pores found in these filters is small enough to trap even the smallest of particles yet it still requires maintenance.

The best way to avoid these problems is to find a Malaysia distributor who deals directly with the national water agency. Such agencies have the capacity to check and rectify water suppliers in terms of quality and standards before they are allowed to enter into the market. Malaysia distributors who work directly with government agencies therefore have a lot more experience in dealing with water quality issues than usual private vendors. They know the pitfalls and have tried them all to come up with the perfect systems for both public and private use. It is a guarantee of quality when dealing with one of these suppliers.

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