How to Find the Best Courier Company

“Courier Company in Dubai” is what you might call a household name in the courier industry. “Century Express” has been active in offering International Express Courier Service to both local and international markets for more than a decade now. With their decades of experience and commitment to delivering your packages in the most cost effective manner, they are one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and efficient couriers around.

Century Express Courier Service – Century Express

This isn’t their only mode of delivery though, and they continue to expand and add new services as they see fit. Their Dubai delivery express courier service is probably the best known and also probably one of the most popular, especially since it offers free worldwide shipping when you book with a certain number of days’ notice. Their other courier services include non-stop worldwide network of branches throughout the Middle East. They also offer same day delivery and same day emergency service. Another great thing about this courier company in Dubai is that they will sometimes cover customs charges so you can save on the tax man.

A little further east, another of their delivery services is serving up to the Middle East with their courier service called “DHL Express.” Same day delivery is pretty common with DHL Express couriers in Dubai, and you can also expect to track for all your packages. If you have a particular time period in which you need a specific delivery made, with a courier company in Dubai, you can be sure that you’ll know in advance if your package is going to arrive on time and in the new location it was headed too.

The one thing that sets courier companies apart from others is the level of customer service and care that they provide to their customers. A customer service representative will always be there to answer your questions, to make sure you’re happy with your courier service, and to help you decide which options may be right for you. When looking for a courier company in Dubai, you can choose to use an online broker or one of the local phone book companies. Either way you go, it will cost you somewhere between five hundred and one thousand Dubai Dirhams (abbreviated as DB). This amount is not inexpensive, but it will give you the freedom to choose the best service and courier option for your needs. You will probably find that after you use their services a few times, you will not need to use any other company for a courier service in Dubai.

Courier companies in Dubai are allowed by law to charge their clients a delivery fee for any reason at all. However, this fee is only collected when you order above a certain weight or over a certain number of pieces of luggage. Courier companies in Dubai do not have to disclose their delivery fees and you will not be charged more just because you are ordering something larger than your particular needs require. However, this type of hidden fee can greatly affect what courier service you ultimately choose to use and could easily give you a surprise on your bill.

Another way to find the best courier company in Dubai is to talk to your friends, colleagues, and family who had used courier companies in the past. Find out what they liked/ disliked about their services and how much of a difference those elements made to the courier’s services they received. Find out if the company you decide to use has a reputation of having good delivery times, especially compared to other courier companies. Talk to the customer service representative too; make sure he speaks good English and can help you with any issues you may have once you’ve made your choice.

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